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Since 2013, Khayrat.sg has been providing the community with a one-stop service for Islamic funeral management and post-burial arrangements.


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One-stop service for funeral management and post-burial arrangements



Since 2013, we’ve been the trusted experts in Islamic funeral and post-burial services



We work with mosques to offer courses and team up with vendors to provide dapur kubur and other essential services.

Our Team

Ustazah Nur Azizah Mohamed Amin

Managing Director

Muhammad Irwan (aka TMJ Bomzy)

Imam & mortuary attendant (Tukang Mandi)

Khairuldin Anshari (aka Wak)

Operations Officer

Our Services

Explore the range of services we offer at Khayrat.sg

Funeral Management

Funeral management encompasses the preparation, organization, and coordination of all funeral aspects, ensuring proper care and respect for the deceased, along with smooth execution of burial and religious rites.

Badal Haji

Badal haji is a religious practice where one person performs the Hajj pilgrimage on behalf of someone unable to do it themselves, typically due to illness or death, following Islamic rules and guidelines.

Korban & Aqiqah

Korban is the Islamic practice of sacrificing animals during Eid al-Adha, symbolizing Prophet Ibrahim’s faith. Aqiqah is the ceremonial sacrifice to mark a child’s birth, with meat distributed to those in need.

Waqaf & Infaq

Waqaf is the Islamic practice of endowing property or assets for religious or charitable purposes, ensuring perpetual benefit to the community. Infaq refers to voluntary charitable spending or donations to support those in need or further a good cause.

Wasiat & Hibah

Wasiat is an Islamic will, a legal document outlining the distribution of a Muslim’s estate after death, in accordance with Islamic inheritance laws. Hibah is a gift given during a person’s lifetime, allowing the transfer of assets or property to someone else without expecting anything in return.


Fidyah is a form of compensation in Islam, typically involving feeding the poor, paid by those who are unable to fast during Ramadan due to illness, pregnancy, or other valid reasons, ensuring spiritual balance and community support.


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